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  • North America Vietnamese Wake Up Tour 2015

    Last year, seven Plum Village monastics successfully went on the road to reach Vietnamese youth in North America. They'd like to make this happen again in 2015.
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  • Upgrading the Mindfulness Bell Magazine

    Your support will help us to make sure the Mindfulness Bell is accessible to Sangha members around the world – online and in print – as a medium to sustain our community’s essence of brotherhood and sisterhood, and to nourish each other on the path of practice. Read more >>

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Contributions, Donations and Scholarships

We wish to open our doors to as many people as possible and for this we have established as low a suggested contribution as we can. We rely on the financial support of visiting practitioners and donations in order to cover the costs of running, renovating, and upkeep of the monastery. Contribution is per adult per night stay ($35-$65, sliding scale), with lower amounts for seniors, students, teens, and children.  Contribution covers food, utilities, tuition, and housing. 

We, however, do not want to turn anyone away because they lack financial resources hence we have established a sliding scale system, which includes a built-in scholarship.  Everyone who can is invited to contribute on the higher end of this scale.  Your generosity will benefit others who might not be able to afford to come, and yet who aspires to learn and cultivate this beautiful path of transformation and healing.  For everyone who needs assistance, scholarship forms are available on request.


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