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Love and Understanding Program in Vietnam

Donations to the Love and Understanding Program offer material and spiritual support to hundreds of communities in the poorest areas of Vietnam where education, development, social services and relief work are in great need to ensure healthy and happy lives for all.

Provide ongoing, monthly or quarterly support for longer-term projects such as opening a school, hiring a teacher for a school year, or hiring a social worker to work in a group of villages.

See recent images from Vietnam, children in their school, elderly in their home and farmers in their fields. These are some of the people the Love and Understanding program has been able to reach and support thanks to the donations.

Give a kindergarten age child a chance to be cared for and loved, for $5.00 a month ($60).

The child you sponsor will be able to go to a Day Care Center, where he or she will receive a nourishing meal at lunch time, a glass of soybean milk in the afternoon, and then be escorted home safely in the caring hands of adults.  In the remotest areas of Vietnam, there are very poor families.  The families who are able to make a partial or total contribution for the nutrition program for their children do contribute.  We sponsor only orphans or children of poor single-parent families.

Give a scholarship to an adolescent or young adult for $10.00 a month ($120)

They can receive vocational training in traditional Vietnamese crafts of woodworking, embroidery, tailoring, carpentry, mechanics and electricity; or continue their education in a university.

Sponsor a Teacher or a Day Care Assistant for $25.00 a month ($300).

In the remote rural areas of Vietnam, we have created many village schools.  We sponsor more than 560 local school teachers, who have educated thousands of village children in more than 1,057 classrooms over the years.

Sponsor an elderly person or an orphan under the age of sixteen, for $10.00 a month ($120).

This program helps orphans, the destitute and elderly persons who have no relatives to support them, by giving them hope and confidence that they are remembered, loved and cared for.

Sponsor Community Development (any $ amount).

These projects assist in the development of poor remote communities in the areas of making roads, building bridges and schools, planting trees and digging wells, to support the environment, health and safety of these communities.

Sponsor Natural Disaster Aide (any $ amount)

by giving assistance to the victims of monsoon floods in central Vietnam so that  they can receive life-saving medical support, food, blankets, and other critical materials needed to rebuild their homes, as well as seeds to replant their crops once the floods have subsided.

The Unified Buddhist Church, Inc (“UBC”) is a non-profit organization that is recognized as tax-exempt pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax laws. This donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  In general, only persons with United States source income are eligible to take a tax deduction for this donation.

Optionally, you may download sponsorship forms below and mail or fax.