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    Last year, seven Plum Village monastics successfully went on the road to reach Vietnamese youth in North America. They'd like to make this happen again in 2015.
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Volunteer your time and energy with Friends of Deer Park

for those who live within traveling distance of Deer Park

How to Help and Volunteer at Deer Park

There are several ways you can help support Deer Park.

  1. Your Practice:

The most important thing you can do for Deer Park is to be diligent about your own practice. Deer Park depends on practitioners living mindfully and transforming their compost into flowers. You can also take opportunities to practice with and offer your presence to others by joining a local sangha, attending retreats at Deer Park, and joining us for regular Days of Mindfulness. Our society, and our monastery, will benefit from the fruits of your practice—now and in the future. Please remember to enjoy your mindful breath, your peaceful step.

1. Sign up for Four-Fold Sangha Work Days

We occasionally have 4-fold sangha work days where we spend a Saturday morning working joyfully and harmoniously on a project that needs attention. If you would like to be notified about these, please Join our mailing list: Deer Park - Local Friends.

2. Be a Volunteer with Friends of Deer Park

If you would like to be involved on a deeper level with the care and maintenance of the monastery and live within traveling distance of the monastery, please consider joining one of our Friends of Deer Park families. You can download and fill out the volunteer sign-up. Please contact Laura Hunter at for more information about Friends of Deer Park.

Click here to read the Mission Statement of Friends of Deer Park - Cultivating the Heart of Service.

3. Donate to Deer Park

All of the maintenance and improvements for the monastery come from the Deer Park General Fund. If you would like to help restore and refresh Deer Park, you can offer dana (donations) in any amount here: general donations.