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Press Releases

News about Deer Park and its local sanghas.
Update on Thay's Health February 19th, 2015
Viet Wake Up Tour 2015 - Celebrating Life
Viet Wake Up Tour 2015 going to California, Florida, Texas and Toronto (Canada)
Update on Thay's Health January 3rd, 2015
Update on Thay's Health November 22
To all Plum Village Practice Centers, To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide, To our Dear Beloved Friends, The doctors have expressed surprise at Thay’s resilience and stability over the last week, as the intensive treatment continues.
Retreat Schedule Winter 2014 - Summer 2015
more information will be available before long on the event pages
Deer Park Retreats 2013
Finding Peace at Deer Park Monastery
thanks to a friend and a flying camera we can offer you a new view of Deer Park
Winter Retreat at Deer Park and at Home
commit to daily practice, study and sharing during the Winter Retreat period: November 24, 2013 - February 23, 2014.
Deer Park Retreats in 2013-2014
The Community at Deer Park has met to come up with our retreat schedule for 2013-2014.
Deer Park in August and September
a number of monks and nuns from Deer Park will travel with Thay and our brothers and sisters from Plum Village, Blue Cliff and Magnolia Grove and therefore the events here at Deer Park will be limited
Happy Earth Day - Today and April 22
Closure of Deer Park after Winter Retreat
The year at the Monastery ends with the closing ceremony of the Winter Retreat, this year on Sunday, February 17.
Teaching Tour with Thich Nhat Hanh in North America in 2013
registration in now available for the English Speaking Retreat at Deer Park: Fining our True Home, Oct 11-16
A Christmas Message from Thay
Christmas time is a time for the family, when family members return to their home. Wherever we may be, we try to find a way home to be with our family. It is like the Tết holiday in the Vietnamese culture. We decorate our house and find ways to make our home warm and cozy. We all yearn to have a home that is warm and loving; where we feel that we do not need to go anywhere, or to do or to pursue anything anymore. It is what we can call our ‘true home’. We all have this yearning, this deep desire to be in our true home.
The Ten Gates - Online Course Winter 2012-2013
New funding opportunities from the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation
Deer Park Monastery - an exploration
for our Open House this year a brother put together this inspiring slideshow
Registration is still open for our 6 Day Retreat in September
This 6 day retreat will give as an opportunity to come back to ourselves, renew and deepen our insight. We will practice as a spiritual family and there will be monastics joining us from Blue Cliff Monastery, NY and Magnolia Grove Monastery, MS.
A new wave of Children's Program
New offerings at Deer Park on Sundays
Deer Park is blossoming this spring and we want to offer some more opportunities of play and practice.
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