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Deer Park Archive Images

Historical pictures of Deer Park Monastery from the 50's and 60's. Deer Park was the original name of the land given by the county. On google maps, one can still find the name Deer Park Road labeled on the road that traverses through the monastery grounds from the entry gate at the bottom to the Solidity Hamlet where the monks and layfriends stay. Deer Park's initial use was a training ground for Peace Corp Volunteers who would meet and train here before embarking to distant countries. These are some historical images found through the internet.
Volunteer tents
The grounds where the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall sits was once used for tents for the Peace Corps volunteers. We now sit to meditate with the awareness that the past and the present trainers are one and that our land ancestors are within us and we continue their path of service.
Solidity Hamlet in the past
What is now the basketball court in Solidity Hamlet was once a parking lot for old vintage all-American cars.
Yen Tu platform
This might be the Yen Tu site at the very top of our grounds looking over towards Council Spring peak, the highest point on our property.
Some where DP
Can anyone guest where this view is taken from and what ridge it is? We guess it is from the top dirt road looking towards the Western ridge towards the ocean.
Old old escondido
Image of the Escondido valley from some ridge looking down. One can see the beginnings of habitation with orchards and ranches. A wonder what human and machine can carve out with will and energy.