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Children's Program (for ages 6 - 12)

The freshness and joy of our children are jewels in our community.

At Deer Park and our other centers we enjoy our young friends company a lot.

They are our future, so we need to find ways to help children of our time to play harmoniously together, to learn how to deal with strong emotions, to guard and nourish their freshness, to develop kindness and generosity.

We offer a children's program during our annual Family and Holiday Retreats as well as some Sundays during the year. To read more about the activities on Sundays, click here!

Every summer we have a Family Retreat here at Deer Park. We have around 80-100 children in the ages from 6 to 12 years old. The three to four groups are led by monastics and lay staff members with love for and skill to be with the children.

Together we practiced, played and learned many things including:

  • to recognize our in and out breath,
  • listen to the sound of the bell and how to invite the bell,
  • games to learn to trust the group,
  • the composting tub was painted by the 11-12 year olds,
  • ways to understand and be compassionate to people, animal, plants and minerals,
  • songs about animals and nature,
  • making cards to our parents - expressing our gratitude...
  • spend time in nature, hiking...

The program always changes with the children that participate, the monastic and lay staff that lead the group and the supporting parents. But our aspiration to have fun, play, learn and be together in harmony and peace is a red thread for us.

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