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Oprah Talks to Thich Nhat Hanh

An interview of Thay by Oprah about his life and meditation; and also Thay's new book Savor.

During the US Teaching Tour in the Fall of 2009, Thay met with Oprah for a video interview. Many of the Sangha were able to join this gathering that was joyous and deep. It was on the top level of a high skyscapper in New York City. After a long ride up an elevator, we entered a room that had a large floor-to-ceiling glass wall that framed the city as the background and we could see in the eyes of her aids that they were a little surprised at how many of us came. Thay likes to have his Sangha with him everywhere that he goes.

The interview lasted more than two hours. We had a sense that it was very personal for her and from where we were, in a room with her aids and researcher, we could see that it moved many of them as well. How wonderful is the dharma in any setting. This article is an excerpt of the interview, which in fact will be part of a special TV broadcast that Oprah will release in the near future. We hope you enjoy reading this simple and plain interview by Oprah and share it with your loved ones that might not be so much into mindfulness or meditation or spiritual stuff, but maybe into Oprah.

Also, on her site, you can find a short interview about Thay new book, Savor

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