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Announcing a New Children's Blog

Announcing a new blog: Mindful Kids: resources for sharing mindfulness with children and a place to share ideas.
Aug 25, 2008
This is a four-fold Sangha resource and we need your help and participation. Plum Village monastics are currently posting up the principle practices we share with children in the Plum Village tradition: Practicing with the bell, Pebble meditation, the Two Promises, Deep Relaxation for Children, Touching the Earth for Children, Eating meditation, embracing strong emotions, walking meditation, etc. We will also include guidance on how to set up a children's program or children's activities for a retreat, day of mindfulness, or a children's sangha. We will post ideas for cooperative games and nature activities, as well as practitioners' experience of sharing mindfulness with children as parents, teachers, children's program staff, etc. (This is where we need YOU!) Please register on and share with us your experience, your stories, your joy, your difficulties-- share how and what you are learning from children. Share with us what activities work and what don't work so well yet. We also encourage children to share their experiences with the practice. Feel free to send us art, songs and photos that we can post on the blog.