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Deer Park Retreats 2013

Dear Friends, please mark your calendar with the following theme weekends and retreats for 2013.

Nov 21, 2012

Save the dates!

More information and registration will become available as the event comes closer.

Theme Weekends 2013

During each of these special weekends there will be extra sessions
led by one or more monastic or lay Dharma teachers in the Plum Village
tradition. Each weekend will include three or more sessions for the
participants to focus on the special topic offered. For the rest of the
weekend the participants will follow alongside the meditation,
mindful meals etc together with the whole community. It is necessary to
pre-register for these weekends, and space is limited. If this will be your
first visit to Deer Park, we recommend attending a general weekend
or week long retreat before registering for a theme weekend.

March 29 – 31         Spiritual Ancestors

April 12 – 14           Qi-Gong Meditation

May 03 – 05             Healing Body, Mind and Soul

July 26 – 28            Mindful Couples

Retreats 2013

These special retreats are offered annually at Deer Park Monastery.
Whether we are new to the practice of mindfulness or we have already
been practicing for a long time, we are welcome to join these retreats.
Dharma Talks based on the theme of the retreat will be offered by
Dharma Teachers. There will be Dharma Sharing groups where we can
learn from each others experience and to listen and share from the heart.
The retreats also include sessions of our basic practices like sitting,
walking and eating meditation. We practice together as a Sangha,
a community that lives in harmony and awareness. We learn the art of
mindful living, practicing in such a way that we can continue to apply
the teaching practice in our daily lives.

Dec. 28 – Jan. 01     Holiday Retreat

March 20 – 24          Wake Up – Young Adult Retreat

April 26 – 28            Meditation & Education Retreat

May 15 – 19             People of Color Retreat

May 24 – 26             Vesak Dana Weekend – Special event

June 26 – 30            Family Retreat

July 10 – 14             Teen Camp