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Deer Park Ridge Preservation Project makes headlines!

Deer Park's Council Ridge coalition project with local environment groups get local attention.
Jun 22, 2009

Dear Friends of Deer Park Monastery,

Saving the ridge line of Escondido is receiving warm support from all segments out there. Please read lastest article in North County Times.

For more information on Saving Council Ridge project (Click Here).

Please join us if you are in the Southern California area for a fundraising benefit this coming Thursday, June 25, 2009. (More info)

Also, if you are part of a Sangha or any environmental or otherwise concerned-for-land-preservation-group in general, please consider helping us host a fundraising benefit in your community. We urgently need your help to raise the initial funds soon $300,000. All donations to this preservation project are tax-deductable. (More information on how to donate)