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Minfulness Bell Sangha DIRECTORY Needs Upgrading!

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International Sangha Directory on the Mindfulness Bell website needs your input and insights about how to make it more effective and useful.
Feb 18, 2010

Dear Sangha friends,

Over the past decade, the Mindfulness Bell website has included Sangha Directories and a Dharma Teacher Retreat Directory to help friends connect in the practice. As we look to update the directories, we need your help to create tools that best serve Sanghas and practitioners worldwide. We created a survey for practitioners to share needs, insights, and ideas, which we hope to then reflect in the new directories' design.  With the collective Sangha wisdom, we aspire to redesign the directories and maximize their benefit. The current directories and retreats lists can be found at or


Help fill out SURVEY!

Please take a few minutes to share your reflections by answering the survey before March 15.


Thank you.
A lotus for you,
Brandy Sacks, Leslie Rawls, and Avi Magidoff