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Spring at Deer Park Monastery

closing and re-opening dates

On Sunday February 19 we will end our annual Winter Retreat and close Deer Park for a while.
Feb 08, 2012

We are happy and grateful that you come and practice with us for Retreats and Days of Mindfulness. We can all bare witness of the fruits it brings to allow ourselves to come back to ourselves and the present moment.

Days of Mindfulness: We will host our last Day of Mindfulness for this season on Sunday February 19. Due to Great Ordination Ceremonies for the monastics, lazy period and Order of Interbeing Dharma Teacher Retreat we will not host Days of Mindfulness until Thursday March 22. The first Sunday Day of Mindfulness will be offered on March 25.

Overnight stay: Our last arrival day for this winter retreat is February 17. We reopen for overnight stay and general retreat on March 23.

For this period we hope that you continue your practice of mindfulness. For regular support in your practice, please see if you can find a local Sangha to practice with us. For the Sangha Directory, please click here!