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The Miracle of the Sangha

Thầy vẫn hiện diện trong Tăng Thân

Last year at the One Buddha is Not Enough Retreat, YMCA of the Rockies, our teacher Thay was receiving treatment in the hospital and could not attend the retreat. This became a wonderful learning experience for all of us. Read some sharing from the retreat evaluation below. Articles about the retreat can be found in the Mindfulness Bell & Buddhadharma.
May 20, 2010

"I loved listening to the children's Dharma talks and thought the monastics did a wonderful job of talking to the children right at their level, keeping them engaged and answering their questions beautifully."

"Walking meditation was beautiful. I felt Thay's presence most acutely here."

"Dharma talks were extra special. Wonderful sharings and teachings, and we liked the way the monks and nuns worked together and alternated responsibilities."

"I felt the entire experience was outstanding and valuable. To be in community with others was very nourishing. Also, I felt the monastics did an outstanding job with the Dharma talks and discussion groups."

"Being with my family and practicing together. I think it greatly strengthened our family and I am grateful."

"The see the strength of the sangha and the monastics when Thay was not able to come."

"I found most supportive the inspiration of the Monks and Nuns and the hundreds of serious practicioners of mindfulness. This was my first retreat, and I found the daily routine, including the noble silence periods to be very rewarding."


For the article in the Mindfulness Bell, click here!

For the article in Buddhadharma, the practitioners quarterly, click here!

The Monks & Nuns of Deer Park and Blue Cliff Monastery are continuing in Thay's footsteps,

as we organize and lead four retreats during our U.S. Tour 2010,

  Cultivating a Culture of Awakening.

Come and Join us in mindfulness, joy and peace!