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Cultivating Awakened Culture

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at May 07, 2010 02:00 AM |
What is awakening and awakened culture?

This year offer us many gifts. One is the Four Mindfulness Retreats, in CA, NY & CO, organized and lead by the monks and nuns of Deer Park and Blue Cliff Monastery during the U.S. Tour - Cultivating a Culture of Awakening. My experience tell me that every time we gather as a spiritual family to practice mindfulness together our happiness and peace is nourished. Helping organize this tour I have been reflecting of the theme and this blog post is a way to continue this deep looking. You can contribute by registering and logging in to the website and ad your comments.

Let's awake to the offerings this moment holds. Breathing in, I know this is an in breath. Breathing out, I know this is an out breath. The joy of breathing! Body and mind together in mindfulness, the energy of awakening. The breath and the footsteps brings us back to this moment, the past doesn't imprison us anymore, the future can't pull us away. With mindfulness we awaken to the present moment and it's wonder - we are still alive. "We Are Here!" Why not say "I am here"? How can I be here without the air I breathe, without my parents, the food I eat for lunch and innumerable conditions? So, "We are Here!" - this is awakening - we inter-are with everything, our family and friends, the Earth, the music we listen to, the cup of tea we are drinking... With this realization we aspire to take good care of ourselves, our family & friends, our society and environment. A Culture of Awakening can develop...

Here are some points of actions shaping and forming an Awakened Culture:

  • learning to come back to ourselves - centered - grounded - alive - smiling
  • consuming only what we need, reduce - reuse - recycle - share
  • speaking kindly & listening attentively
  • opening our senses and mind to the wonders of life
  • investing our thought, words and actions into love and understanding

The path is made as we walk, step by step. Let us walk together as a spiritual family!

In joy and gratitude - Brother Phap Ho

PS more information and registration for the retreats - click here! DS

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Kenley Neufeld May 10, 2010 03:16 AM
Thank you for sharing your insight and joy. I especially appreciate your willingness to explore the theme for the upcoming retreats, and to encourage us to do so as well.

For me, it is an ongoing awakening. Reminders from my sangha always help, and in many cases my "sangha" is the family I live with every day. How can we create a space to be awakened and also to be able to share it with our children.

The other most significant place in my life is the work environment. Here too the "sangha" provides a space to practice together. This is especially true with your point about speaking kindly and listening attentively - can always grow and learn in this area.