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Deer Park Dharma Cast Continues

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Jun 05, 2013 04:51 PM |
We are grateful to have a new coordinator for our podcast. New Dharma Talks and Question and Answer Session etc. are being posted.

Since the Dharma Cast started we have had more then 500.000 downloads. The last three years we have been able to offer a course during our annual Winter Retreat, which are still available (Fourteen Verses on Meditation; Moment by Moment; Ten Gates).

The recent uploads include the Question and Answer Session from our People of Color Retreat in May and a talk on Gratitude by Brother Phap De offered during the past Holiday Retreat.

We hope that these online resources will help support your practice of mindfulness, happiness and peace.

Deer Park Dharma Cast - click this link to listen in!

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