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Fourteen Verses on Meditation

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Apr 28, 2009 11:45 PM |
practicing meditations two wings: stopping & deep looking with joy and creativity

Our Teacher presented Fourteen Verses on Meditation, I believe it was in his Dharma Talks in Plum Village during the fall of 2004. These verses inspired me from the very beginning. At times I have recited and chanted them, but it was not until this last winter that they became a real part of my mindful life. I started memorizing them and writing them down in different formats. I used these verses in my everyday practice, during sitting and walking. But they come into my mind on other occasions, helping me to come back to the present moment, nourishing my understanding of life. I feel that they are a support, a kind of railing helping me along a narrow and uneven path. In gratitude for the teaching of these verses and just for fun I wrote and draw them down the last couple of weeks. Here they are in PDF. Our practice of mindfulness and meditation can nourish us in many ways and express itself like a leaf among others on a large tree. - brother protection in joy and gratitude

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Laura Hunter May 07, 2009 03:09 AM
Dear Brother Phap Ho
Thank you for this wonderful offering!! I can't wait to print it out and study it further. This is a beautiful presentation and helpful because we can take them with us.
Bowing in gratitude
Laura Hunter