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Giving Thanks!

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Nov 16, 2009 05:04 AM |
Thank you! What a wonderful thing to think and say. Thanksgiving is coming up... Let's start practice today, so that when Thanksgiving Day is here we are prepared and already in grateful mode.
Where to begin... There are so many things to be grateful for, isn't there...
In the tradition we talk about the Four Gratitudes:Gracias!
  • to our mother and our father, who as brought us life
  • to our teachers, who have taught us how to love, understand and to live deeply in the present moment
  • to our friends, who guide and support us especially in difficult moments
  • to all beings in the animal, vegetal and mineral world, who makes our life possible
When there is gratitude in my heart, I feel happy and at ease. I feel connected and alive.



I read an article a while back in Scientific America Mind. It was called "We are hard wired to care". Researchers have found that our happiness and well being increases when we do kind things. I think we already know this, but sometimes we forget. With the practice of coming back to the present moment to be aware of our thoughts, words and actions we have a wonderful opportunity to run a little experiment on ourselves. Saying thank you, opening our heart to receive and to give, helps us to be happy. Does this ring true for you as well?

I feel so grateful for our teacher and innumerable teachers and practitioners that show and tread the path of joy, compassion and freedom. Just remembering that I have a practice that can help me deal with whatever comes up, helps me to cultivate happiness and enables me to transform suffering. Thank you!

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