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Hidden Treasures on this website

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Jul 31, 2011 03:20 PM |
images from events at Deer Park always available to us

Dear Friends!

We hope that you are touching joy and peace this summer. We are enjoying working together as a Sangha, community of practice, in preparation for the time our teacher will stay and practice with us there at Deer Park. In our time of working, we follow our breathing,  and put our heart into what we are doing, enjoying the miracle of being able to show our care in these concrete ways. The Days of Mindfulness and Retreats have already started as we are clearing paths and putting in bunk-beds in harmony. 

We are also very happy that there are more active participants helping maintain, update and beautify this website. We would like to draw your attention to our Image Gallery, that is a little hard to find if you do not already know the way.

Personally I like the pictures Rain at Deer Park and the Waterfall, since rain here is truly a blessing. A blessing that we have also been offered today.

May we touch love and understanding every day, so that our world can heal and we can come to live together as one people on this planet.

Brother Phap Ho (Protection)

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