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Love & Understanding Program in Vietnam

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Feb 25, 2010 03:55 AM |
This is the recent sharing from our friends working for the Love & Understanding Program.

"The Love and Understanding Program in Saigon respectfully sends you a few pictures of the poor and alone elderly to whom we offer support. Right now L&U in Saigon is helping 81 people.  The number of the elderly poor people without anyone to take care of is still great."

"Love and Understanding from Saigon respectfully sends a few pictures about our projects helping farmers to build wells to water their crops. This area is left abandoned during the hot season. The poor farmers cannot do anything, because they do not have water for the plants.  So far this year, L&U has helped to build 95 wells for the people of the district Lam San, Song Ray, Xuan Tay in the province Dong Nai. Since the day they received the wells, the people have been able to plant vegetables and water they have income, and they do not have to go hungry like before. Especially, this Lunar New Year, people have had good harvests and they are so happy and so grateful to their donors everywhere.  (It costs about 270 USD to build one well.  The L&U Program provides the money to build the well.  Three or four families put money together to buy the pump and take care of it.  For those donors who wish to help build  wells, we make a stone plaque with their names engraved on it and placed by the well so we can remember them)
Besides providing necessary wells, last year our program also helped 150 people in these areas to have cataracts removed. These people are very poor and far from the city. When they lose their eyesight, they do not know what to do. Our social worker brothers gather them up and bring them to Saigon to have their cataracts removed. After the operation, they can see, and they are so happy. When we first meet them, someone has to take them by the hand, and they are sad and quiet. After the operation, we visit them again, and they look obviously so much happier. Our program helps them with the cost of transportation and provides a place to stay and food when they go to the city to have their eyes checked and then operated.  Other programs help with the cost of the operation, and our social worker sisters connect them to these programs."

Recent pictures from Vietnam - in this image gallery!

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