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Breathing in, Breathing out - a week in Las Vegas

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Apr 11, 2009 02:20 AM |
practicing in harmony - wherever we are - Brother Phap Ho reports from a week of practice in Las Vegas

Brothers Phap Thanh & Phap Ho from Deer Park came together with Dale & Marilyn from Portland, OR, and Brian, Mario & Linda from the Pink House in Las Vegas, to spend a week of practice with several groups of spiritual practitioners in Las Vegas. The Pink House is the local Sangha's base and our refuge for the week.

During our stay we had the opportunity to share the practice of mindfulness, concentration and insight; practice sitting, walking, laying down, eating, singing, dancing meditation, sharing and listening. We had three evenings of mindfulness, one day of mindfulness and two sessions with Dances of Universal Peace. A combination of Sangha members and new friends joined us in the practice of nourishing brotherhood and sisterhood. Being able to relax, to feel at ease, to calm our bodies and minds, laughing together was some of the gifts the time in Las Vegas offered to all those present.

We had some daytime to explore the natural environment around Las Vegas. The joy of seeing a group of rams during one of our hikes in the beautiful mountains was a great joy. Before lying down, they carefully clear the ground from rocks. With posture upright and solid they sit and look at us, calmly digesting their grassy lunch.

So just outside the city that from space is the brightest place on Earth, nature reveals its beauty. The mountain tall and solid, the desert still and peaceful. Spring flowers in bloom.

Thanks to the daily practice of mindfulness, of openness, of love and care, of joy and peace, everything went very smooth. A nourishing experience of finding harmony inside and outside wherever we are.

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