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Napas Masuk, Napas Keluar - Breathing In, Breathing Out

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at May 20, 2009 04:00 AM |
4 day retreat in Indonesia

A warm thank you (tirami kasi) to all our friends in Indonesia that made the retreat outside of Jakarta possible. 

Sisters Chan Khong, Dinh Nghiem, Tue Nghiem, Hy Nghiem and Dan Nghiem and brothers Venerable Dhamma Vimala, Phap Uyen, Phap Ho, Phap De, Nyana Bhadra practiced together with around 400 lay friends from several of Indonesia's islands fram May 7 to May 10. The retreat center was surrounded by park areas, lush and green, warm and humid air. We practiced mindful breathing, walking, eating, sharing etc. and the miracle of mindfulness started to manifest. The eyes and faces of our friends at the retreat started to shine, brighter and lighter day by day. Sister Chan Khong's book Learning True Love was released in Indonesian just before this retreat and her Dharma Talks and sessions of Touching the Earth touched the hearts of so many. There was much joy and togetherness in the practice and the lay friends and monastics grew closer and closer. Normally in Indonesia lay people would not sit at the same table as the monastics to eat their meal. As we sat down together with them much closeness developed. Fruit, water and tea would start to appear infront of the monk or nun thanks to the kindness of some of the lay friends at the table. The respect for the monastic community touched us and inspired us to be worthy of their trust. In this spirit we all practiced wholeheartedly as a family for four days. As the retreat was coming to an end some people shared about their experience in the closing Be-In. This circle practice was so nourishing, strengthening our confidence that the practice works, when we put into practice as spiritual brothers and sisters. 

Enjoy your breathe and your footsteps, and our world will become a brighter place. 

brother Phap Ho (aka brother Protection) 

Comments (3)

Novitri May 21, 2009 06:21 AM
Hello Brother Phap Ho,

It was a very pleasure n happy times when having this retret. Brother n Sister from plum village are very friendly. I wish I can attend retret at Plum Village 1 day n meet our master Thay...

w/ Gratitude,
Hendra Lim May 27, 2009 07:01 AM
Dear brother on the path

I am glad to know that you are back safely, i mean both brother Phap Ho and Phap De..Thanks for the wonderful sharing...
Taruna Widjaja May 28, 2009 06:18 AM
Dear Brother,

Thanks a lot for all of you that had spend so much efforts and time to come to Indonesia. That was a very successful retreat and I am sure had brought such so much benefit to all of the participants. I feel so lucky to had the opportunity to meet Sister Chan Kong and all of you and most importantly to had the opportunity to practice together. Looking forward to welcome you all in the future.

Deep bow,

Taruna Widjaja