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Nunnery at Deer Park

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Dec 24, 2013 06:10 AM |
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a video to learn more of the need and how to help - thank you!

The Nunnery Project is Well Underway !We raised $44,785 in the month of October alone--most of which was raised during the Vietnamese & English retreats during Thay's North American tour!  The Annenberg Foundation offered a matching $50,000 grant as well.  Also our friends from the Los Angeles Sanghas held a Day of Mindfulness on December 7 as a fundraiser to support the project.  What can you do?

Thank you to all who have given of their time, resources & support to this project! We still need your help. Please watch and share this video.  Donate what you can.

Nunnery at Deer Park on You Tube!

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