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Poetry from the Heart

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Dec 04, 2011 04:53 PM |
written by David Percival, OI member and Sangha builder in Albuquerque

Buddhist Economics
The instructions are clear
Stop talking, stop thinking
Look into where unchecked talking and thinking get us
Chaos, horror, violence, war, economic collapse
Suffering beyond comprehension
The challenge is to stop
To come back to the quiet place in your mind
Stop scheming, planning, acquiring, consuming, controlling, competing
Invest in the present moment
The place where you already have everything you need to be happy
Don’t lose your freedom in our economic disaster
Enjoy the failure of capitalism
Buy shares in the wilderness
Enjoy silence, the trees, the flowers, the birds
Justice will come from listening deeply and letting go
Value space and time, not your bank account
Invest in your breath, your steps
Sell our shares in fame, fortune, sensual pleasure
And look at how wonderful the natural world is
The forests, the mountains, the rivers, the smallest insects
Smile at the blue sky, the laughter of our children
And walk with peaceful steps in our beautiful world

Noises in the Night
A cold still night, suddenly awake, urgent needs
Too much tea last night
Breathing in, I have to go out
Quietly, slowly unzip my sleeping bag
I know everyone is listening
So, is it the quieter but slow tent door zip
Or the fast, quick, but noisy zip
I guess I don’t need pants
But the moon is so bright
Standing outside now, freezing, cold legs
Walking on the noisiest leaves I have ever seen
Then back inside I slowly zip my tent again
Then my sleeping bag and it seems noisier zipping back up
The unmistakable Deer Park campground
Symphony of zippers

David Percival
True Wonderful Roots

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