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The Healing Embrace of Deer Park Valley

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Dec 10, 2010 03:45 PM |
May we help protect this sanctuary for future generations.

Dear Friends

This morning I took a walk into the valley of Deer Park and continued up toward the green water tank in the northern direction. The mist was thick, dawn about to break and the song of the morning birds brightened up my mind. As I continued walking along the ridge west of Deer Park soaking up the quietness of nature it was clear to me that this valley is a sanctuary for us all to come to practice and heal. I am also very aware that the north and west slope and ridge of the valley that holds Deer Park is owned by our neighbors, who want to sell or develop the land.


We are committed to protect and preserve the land of this valley as a natural and spiritual sanctuary for people, animals and plants. Here at Deer Park Monastery we are blessed to be able to invite our great bell in the early morning and evening in addition to be able to wake up together with the wake up bell outside at 5 am. This aspect of life and practice in the monastery is very rare. Something we are not fortunate enough to enjoy in our monasteries in New York, France or Germany.


We ask your help! We are continuing to raise funds for the - Save Deer Park Ridge Project

For more information and to donate, click here!


We are happy to know that we have many friends in the practice of understanding and love and we much appreciate your support.

In joy and gratitude

Thay Phap Ho

Solidity Hamlet, Deer Park Monastery

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