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Together We Are One

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Sep 21, 2011 03:28 AM |
inspired poetry from the recent retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh here at Deer Park

here are some imageless photos from the september retreat, developed in my heart's lab, using a disposable camera, without any film ...



hot dusty trail

900 suitcases bake in the sun

letting go of all hurry


 evening chant

“ heart broken

 “ open


a child

asks a monk “ where is

“ all your hair ?


the wonders of life

this wonderful moment

breathing as one


3rd day of retreat :

i take a smaller portion

at the food line


silent lunch meditation

one crow gulps the whole cosmos


a granite boulder

above the white clouds

zen master drinks tea



with 900 people each



stone buddha

perfect communication

both of us silent


turtles & carp

swimming in the gurgling pond

monks playing pingpong


what i notice in others

is most true about myself


temple altar

¿ where's buddha ?

look at the flowers !


walking quite slowly

a student holds back branches

on his teacher's path


new ordinees

rising from prostration

spring forth from the ground


a foggy morning

through clefts in the clouds

mountains flowing down


after our retreat

18,000 toes

go as a river


the voice of the bell


in earth's fragrance

— gary gach,  'together we are one' retreat, deer park monastery, september 2011

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