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Wake Up Retreat Opens

Posted by Chan Phap Luu at May 21, 2009 03:55 PM |
The first Wake Up Retreat at Deer Park, for young people aged 20-35, began on Wednesday night. Friends from all over the country descended upon the hidden valley in the afternoon, for dinner, some games, and orientation. This morning as the sun rose over the fog-laden mountains, we enjoyed walking meditation down to the big hall, where Sister Lang Nghiem led us in a guided meditation on the breath.
Wake Up Retreat Opens

Brother Man Tue leads Chi Kong practice for some Wake Up retreatants.

As the coyotes chanted in greeting to all the young and energetic brothers and sisters who had just arrived last night, the monks shared in the residence over tea about how calm and focused the new arrivals already are. It is inspiring to see how many young people will organize their lives to spend five days at a place like Deer Park. Anyone interested in freedom, joy, and a path of awakening? Monastic positions are available in plenty.

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