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New Smooth Road to Deer Park - Please Drive Slowly

Posted by Chan Phap Ho at Nov 24, 2010 10:15 PM |
We lay the road as we go. Melru Lane & Cindy Jo Lane was just paved last week.

There are many things to offer thanks for! One of them is the repaved road through the Hidden Mountain Neighborhood as you drive toward Deer Park Monastery. Together with the neighbors we were able to come together and renew not only the road but also our communal spirit. 

The dirt road, once paved, has made the brothers aware that we are getting close to Deer Park, even in deep sleep while coming back late from a trip. The many and deep pot holes have in a way become the driver's obstacle course, finding a smooth way through. They have also made us all slow down--if not your car will bear the consequences. Today as I drove through the neighborhood with one of my brothers, on our way to offer egg rolls to some local business on the occasion of Thanksgiving, the speed bumps were being put in. Even with a smooth and wide road like the one we have now, let's remember that our neighbors live there and that they have many pets, so please let us drive slowly so we can fully enjoy the effort of repaving the road.

Last week as they started pulverizing the road, grading and laying asphalt I was down there with Brother Phap Dung. I had never seen a road being built so close up before. A lot of hard work, team spirit and craftsmanship went into every foot. The concentration and skill of the men working behind the levers of the different Catskills were amazing. Neighbors came out to look and talk to one another and the road was not the only thing being renewed. The sense of community and togetherness also had a opportunity to continue to sprout. So when you drive along Cindy Jo Lane and Melru Lane take a moment to reflect and look deeply. A road is not simply a road.

You can enjoy more pictures by clicking here

May you have much happiness and peace in the Holiday Seasons awaiting us.

In joy and gratitude - Brother Phap Ho


Comments (2)

Mike Guerena Dec 02, 2010 05:26 AM
Hooray for the new road. I loved yje pictures, especially the group portrait of the men who worked on the road. I will be mindful of the neighbors as I drive through the neighborhood.
Mark E. caban Feb 06, 2011 02:35 AM
I really enjoyed the photos of the new road paving. The photos pay gratitude to the workers that work so hard on our roads. I usually drive by not even looking at them. And I have worked on the Deer Park road a few times which makes me appreciate the work. Very nice pictures and a nice memory for me.