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2014 English and Vietnamese Speaking Retreat Staff

We need mindful, happy and peaceful friends helping us host these coming retreats in September.

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the mountains of Deer Park! The monastic Sangha of Deer Park need help from our lay practitioners during these general retreats. We wish for the retreats to be successful and a transformative experience for all who come. We are looking for support by experiences practitioners in the Plum Village tradition. Previous experience at Deer Park is also necessary.

The accepted staff members will have an opportunity to settle into the life of the monastery, to share together in Dharma sharing, to enjoy hiking together on the mountain, and to practice and to work together in mindfulness. It is an opportunity to deepen our practice, develop our capacity to build togetherness and help make the preparations and retreat flow smoothly.

There are two staff periods. One for the English Speaking Retreat and another for the Vietnamese Speaking Retreat. Friends are also welcome to stay for both retreats to be on staff.

Staff periods:

for English speaking retreat: Friday, September 5, afternoon arrival - Monday, September 15 departure after lunch

for Vietnamese speaking retreat: Monday, September 15, afternoon arrival - Monday, September 22 departure after lunch

Some concrete aspects in considering staff volunteers application are:

  • daily practice of meditation and participate in local Sangha
  • have received the 5 or 14 Mindfulness Trainings
  • have participated in several retreats at Deer Park or other practice center in the Plum Village tradition
  • previous staff experience

We require at least one reference, preferably a monastic at Deer Park or at another center, or someone we know well.

Please indicate which staff period you would like to apply for. Note that if you are accepted as a staff member, we invite you to stay and practice at Deer Park during the entire period.
When was the most recent Day of Mindfulness that you attended at one of our centers?
/ /   :
Please enter the number of retreats you have attended at Deer Park Monastery.
Please list the most recent retreats you have attended at Deer Park or one of our affiliated centers.
Please tell us concretely what experience you have working with children or teens. Include any special skills you may be able to teach (yoga, art, music, etc.)
Do you have any physical conditions that may affect your capacity to lead service meditation groups?

Please write us to let us know what your main aspiration is in coming to serve as staff at Deer Park Monastery. Keep your sharing to under 700 words.
Please give the name of a monastic or lay sangha member with whom you are familiar, who may serve as a reference.
The e-mail contact of your first reference.
Please give a second reference, if possible.

Thank you for your practice and willingness to serve.

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be,

The Deer Park Staff Program Coordinators