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Looking Deeply into Deer Park Plants: Meet the Oak Trees

The wonderful oak trees of Deer Park provide many benefits to us. With understanding and insight into the lives of oak trees we can learn new ways to sustain and continue them for years to come.

Native Plant Communities

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Caring for and Continuing our Oak Tree Community




Plant communities are like human communities

Like people, California native plants need to live in a community to survive.  This is very important in Southern California where there are many stresses for a plant.  The inland summer temperatures can be very high and plants may need to survive 8-9 of the hottest, driest months without any water.  Plants also have to endure fire and freezing temperatures.



Continuation of Oak Trees and the rare Englemann oak

We would like to grow even more oak trees from acorns from Deer Park Oaks especially our rare Englemann oaks.  All oak trees are wonderful but the rare Engelmann oak species is probably the most imperiled of all oak trees and are one of the most endangered natural plant communities in California.

To help save the Englemann Oak in other parts of California, visit the Arroyo Seco Foundation at or the California Native Plant Society at