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Planting, Gardening, and Landscaping

Plant Sangha Mission Statement: We are aware that without the support and energy of the land ancestors: the rocks, the hawks, the soil, the coyotes, the sage, and the oaks, it would not be possible for us to live and practice on this land today.

It's important to landscape the earth to minimize water use, which is precious and scarce in this region. So our planting requirements are very specific.


Georgie Birch works on landscaping on most Thursday afternoons after the Day of Mindfulness. Georgie warmly welcomes any volunteer interested in helping on Thursday.

For more information, contact the volunteer coordinator --

You can help by: What do I do?
joining our Mindful Planting group. We are a group of monastics and lay persons who are developing and implementing the landscaping plans together. Email our volunteer coordinator at for more information or to be included on the email list.
volunteering your skills, knowledge, or willingness to learn View the volunteer opportunities for the skills and knowledge the Plant Sangha currently needs and volunteer your time.
joining us for a Community Work Day at Deer Park when we sometimes work on planting and landscaping project.
The schedule for Community Work Days is available -- just come!