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Wake Up Retreat

an annual 5 day retreat for young adults, ages 18 - 35
YOUNG ADULTS RETREAT – 5-day retreat for young people ages 18-35. Inspired by the Wake Up international movement for young people, we shall come together to explore ourselves and our environment, to stop and revisit our deepest aspirations, and to upgrade our practice of mindfulness so it is appropriate and relevant to our family and society.

“When tired, sleep; when awake, live wholeheartedly.” – the sun

It is an exciting and wonderful time to be living, with all the changes and challenges that are presenting itself to our generation at all levels - social, political, economical, environmental, cultural, as well as individual. Thay, our beloved teacher has shared about and worked tirelessly to building Sangha, saying that it is the noblest task for our time and more recently, that the age of "individualism" should be phased out and that we must come together to create opportunities for brotherhood and sisterhood. It is an exhilarating time especially for Americans because of recent changes - a fresh breeze of optimism and of service has just infused many young people of this country. It is in this spirit that we will continue to build.

In a dharma talk during the winter retreat after the US election, Thay refers many times to the speech of the President, noting that it is much like a dharma talk in its reflection of the country’s state of being relative to what is equivalent to the four noble truths, that is the President points out the country’s suffering, its cause and cure, and most importantly its method to the cure – brotherhood and sacrifice.

During this retreat we shall continue this exploration – investigate ways to practice deeply together, building communities and sanghas in our part of the country and on the internet; and find ways that we can serve our communities and environment.

Please join us to practice, to take our time, to be silent, to share our heart, and to live deeply each moment in an awakened way.

Everyone is encouraged to arrive on time for the retreat and to attend to whole retreat. And please leave your projects and work at home so you can really be here. Also, give your electronic gadgets – phones, pods, etc. – a break. We will collect all electronic items during the retreat and return them to you after.

During these 5 days we will have the opportunity to offer:

  • session on developing a personal meditation practice – basic Buddhist practices and teachings (how to sit, breathe, and grow on the path)
  • community building fair/presentation – learn what others are doing in their region
  • bond fire – celebrate youth and life, performances, skits, songs, poetry, creative expressions, bring your medium (guitar, violin, voice)
  • consultations – meeting the young monks and nuns one/one with your personal inquiries and difficulties.