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Nurturing Our Beloved Family - Family Retreat 2009

Enjoying friends under the Oak
a large family serving breakfast
from 1 yrs - 92 yrs old
mother and daughter
a bright morning - service meditation
teens cleaned the showers and toilets!
joyfully turning the compost
i love compost, compost is hot, steaming
Deer Parks new gardener
Sal at the tea table
blooming flowers, human and plants
an afternoon hiking together
a community flowing ~ ~ ~
Jasper with friends
joyfully together
Benji, Rafa, Ron & ?
protected by oaks in Clarity Hamlet
father & daughter
follow me!
mountain embrace
boys hiking the mountain
the Sangha body going up the mountain
the feet of the Sangha
Sunyata trên vai cha
"young" nuns hiking
Brs Phap Nha & Phap Ho guiding the Sangha
Stone Boys: Tristan & Kent
breathing in, I see myself as space, breathing out I feel free
Sage offering to all beings
Denny sitting, stable as a mountain?
enjoying togetherness on the rocks at Council Springs
how wonderful to sit silently together
picnic dinner
happy rock climbers
Sangha gazing at the rising moon
Rafa & Benji continues their adventures
enjoying the space and friends
enjoying the sky and friends
the valley through the eyes of Namaste
a great time to make friends
rocks, sky and some people
The Beloved Family - Retreat Picture
what animal is that?
thank you for your smile
mothers sharing insights and laughter
true embrace
father and daughter
mindful hockey playing
organizing teams daily breakfast
br Phap Dung leading the Sangha for walking meditation
entering the gate to the Oak Grove
Nurturing Our Beloved Family - Family Retreat 2009