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Trip to Indonesia in May 2009

Sister Chan Khong's book Learning True Love has been translated into Indonesian. The first 4 days of the trip included a book release where Sr Chan Khong also offered a talk and a 4 day retreat outside Bodor, Java. The trip continued with evenings of mindfulness in Palembang, Lompung, and Medan on Sumatra and Djakarta and Bandung on Java. Sister Tue Nghiem, Brothers Phap De and Phap Ho of Deer Park Monastery were on this trip.
Sr Chan Khong w/ Abbot of Ekayana Center and Sr Jenty
Ancestral altar room
"I Love Nature" singing with the children at Ekayana
"the forest is my classroom"
420 friends in walking meditation.jpg
420 friends during walking meditation
800 friends applauding after singing Public Event in Medan
Ancestral altar room
artwork in the wall
Be-In May 10
BhadraPrathama offering gifts
Br Phap De walking with friends
Brother Bhadra shares
Dharma Discussion circle.jpg
Dharma Discussion group w/ Sr Hy Nghiem
Dharma Discussion w/ Br Nyana Bhadra
Dharma Discussion w/ Br Phap De
Dharma Discussion w/ Br Phap Ho
Dharma Discussion w/ Br Phap Uyen
Dharma Discussion w/ Sr Chan Khong
Dharma Discussion w/ Sr Dan Nghiem
Dharma Discussion w/ Sr Tue Nghiem
Dharma Discussion w/ Venerable Dharma Vimala
Dharma Discussion with Sr Dinh Nghiem
dining hall meditation
Dinner w/ friends in Medan Buddhist gallery and vegetarian cafe
Enjoying dinnner in brotherhood
enjoying the Dharma and good friends
gift exchange at Ekayana
joyful meal during retreat.jpg
joyful meal during retreat
Joyfully getting to know each other
Joyfully together
Last evening w/ Sr Chan Khong at Ekayana Center in Djakarta
Meditation Hall during Chanting
Meditation Hall during Orientation
Meditation Sangha at Metta Jaya in Medan, northern Sumatra
mindful eating at retreat at Kilashi Resort outside Bogor, Java
Monastics chant before Dharma Talk
Monastics in Medan sharing the merit after evening of mindfulness
morning walking meditation grazing deer in the park
Napas Masuk, Napas Keluar - Breathing in, Breathing Out
native plant - Orchid
Paying respects in front of Ancestral Altar Ekayana Center, Djakarta, Java
practice and sharing at Temple Metta Jaya, Medan
praticing while listening to the chanting
Q&A last day of the retreat
Q&A session
taking this food I see clearly the entire universe supporting my existence
sharings during closing Be-In
short wave translation during evening of Mindfulness at Ekayana
smiling in sisterhood
Sr Chan Khong receiving gift from Abbot at Ekayana.jpg
Sr Chan Khong with our friend and lojal translator br Momink
Sr Dinh Nghiem shares
Sr Hy Ngheim and Tue Nghiem leads walking
Srs Chan Khong, Tue Nghiem, Dinh Nghiem and brs Phap De, Phap Ho
Total Relaxation
Traveling delegation from Plum Village w/ Ekayana resident monks
arrival day - visiting w/ hosts
walking at the retreat in indonesia
walking in the embrace of lush nature
and with each step a flower blooms
with each step a gentle wind blows