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Deer Park General Retreat Evaluation

Please share about your experience at Deer Park during your stay here whether that was for a Day of Mindfulness, a Weekend Retreat, for a longer stay.

We are grateful for any and all feedback you could provide on your recent stay at Deer Park Monastery. Help us improve our capacity to serve others.
Please enter your name.
Please enter the title of the retreat you recently attended at Deer Park.
Please give a rating of your experience at Deer Park.
  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
This retreat helped me to develop my practice of mindfulness.
I found the monastics at Deer Park to be easy to approach.
The food served met my needs.
Activities offered were too numerous.
There were not enough activities during the retreat.
The retreat gave me the space to look deeper into myself.
I look forward to attending another retreat at Deer Park.

Thank you!

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