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Education & Meditation Fall 2010

Please fill out this evaluation form if you attended our recent Diligently Meditating Retreat, Nov 5-7. Your comments and feedback help us to offer more useful activities to practitioners in future events.

We would appreciate your comments concerning the following. Please fill this form and click send feedback button at the bottom when you are finished. Your comments help us to offer more concrete and helpful activities at future retreats. Thank you for opening to Deer Park, and may you continue well in your studies and growth!

Orientation - Dharma Talk - Sitting Meditation - Walking Meditation - Workshop on the Mindfulness Trainings - Q&A Session - Closing Circle
pot washing, toilet cleaning, setting cushions, trash & recycle, etc.
Quality of the food, organization, eating in silence, etc.
In the rooms, in the campsite, etc.
when we met in smaller circle groups in the afternoon
Any practices that you learned during the retreat that you plan to develop and continue in your life?
about yourself, your habits, your family, your friends, society, etc.
sitting meditation, eating mindfully, stopping for the bells & chimes, waiting in line, etc.
Are there any issues you would like to see addressed in future retreats?
Arrival on Thursday or maybe even Wednesday.
This text could be used in our community's newsletter, the Mindfulness Bell or on our website. (for any contributions longer than 20 rows please email us)
It is inspiring for people who visit the Deer Park website to hear about retreatants' experience. If you are happy to let us use your comments in the site, please check yes here.


Thank you and happy continuation in your practice!

The Brothers and Sisters of Deer Park Monastery