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  • North America Vietnamese Wake Up Tour 2015

    Last year, seven Plum Village monastics successfully went on the road to reach Vietnamese youth in North America. They'd like to make this happen again in 2015.
    Please support the fundraising campaign here.

  • Upgrading the Mindfulness Bell Magazine

    Your support will help us to make sure the Mindfulness Bell is accessible to Sangha members around the world – online and in print – as a medium to sustain our community’s essence of brotherhood and sisterhood, and to nourish each other on the path of practice. Read more >>

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Dividindo a Corrida

O pool de carros de Deer Park economiza dinheiro e gasolina, reduzindo nossas emissões de carbono.

Dê uma olhada nas corridas compartilhadas no nosso serviço online de corridas compartilhadas.