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Deer Park Monastery's address and contact information.

Deer Park Monastery

Before you contact our office with questions about activities and registration, please read the information about Deer Park and the information under visiting us carefully. Thanks for your understanding and support.

All Registration is processed through the Registration Office in Solidity Hamlet.

(Men and couples will stay in Solidity Hamlet with the monks, and women will stay with in Clarity Hamlet with the nuns.)

2499 Melru Lane, Escondido CA 92026 USA.

Registration office telephone hours: Tue - Sat, 9am - 12noon, Pacific Time
Tel.: +(1) (760) 291-1003 ext 100
Fax: +(1) (760) 291-1010
E-mail: 'deerpark' at 'dpmail' dot 'net'