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General Stay

Weekend and week long visits.

A General Stay is outside of our special or themed retreats; you are welcome to join us for a general stay.  To help make our practice stable and solid, Friday is our only arrival day each week and only on the dates listed on the online registration system - please do not assume the monastery is open every week of the year. We will give an orientation about our practice to new arrivals each Friday evening, which is essential for you to really benefit from and enjoy your stay. For a deepening of the practice to occur and for mindful living to take root and become a vital part of daily life, we recommend a minimum stay of one week. If you cannot stay for one week, you can participate in our weekend program, which starts on Friday afternoons and ends on Sunday afternoons.

For students and young adults (18-35 yrs) there is a 25% reduction of the retreat contribution (available from your first day at Deer Park).

If you wish to stay longer than two weeks, please write a letter to the community to express your motivation beforehand. We are very happy to have friends practicing with us for longer periods of time, but the community will make the final decision only after your first two weeks at Deer Park, based on your capacity to live in harmony with the Sangha (community) and your commitment to the practice.

To ensure that we have space available for you, and in order to properly prepare for your visit, it is important that you register at least one week prior to your arrival date. For a general stay, please plan to arrive at the monastery by 5pm on Friday.



  • Always check the dates listed on the online registration system - these are the only arrival dates.
  • Please await confirmation before arranging your travel.


The best method to register is with our Online Registration system. Alternatively, you may print out the registration form and then:

a) Complete form and mail it, together with your payment to:

Deer Park Monastery
General Retreat
( Solidity Hamlet - for men and couples)
(Clarity Hamlet - for women)
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026.

(Please write checks payable to: Unified Buddhist Church)


b) Complete form and FAX it to us at (760) 291-1010 if you are paying by credit card.

Most questions regarding your stay with us can be addressed on the Visiting Us tab. For further inquiry, please call our business office at (760) 291-1003, extension 100 for Registration, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Pacific Time, Tuesday through Saturday.