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Wake Up - Young Adult Retreat-18-35 yrs (March 20-24, 2013)

WAKING UP TO THE WONDERS OF LIFE - rediscovering the source of our peace and happiness amidst turmoil
  • Retreat
When Mar 20, 2013 02:00 PM to
Mar 24, 2013 04:00 PM
Where Deer Park Monastery
Contact Name
Contact Phone 760-291-1003 x100
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During this retreat we will practice mindfulness together as a community:
  • Getting to know our restless mind & befriending ourselves
  • Sitting, Walking & Eating Meditation
  • Working Together
  • Singing, Exercise, Hiking
  • Sharing & Listening
  • Silence & Nature
  • Discovering our Aspiration in Life

We will learn the art to focus, relax, be present, enjoy life and be happy together.

Discover the Wake Up Movement in the US:

The Young Adult Movement Wake Up started in Europe a few years ago:

Our teacher Thay Thich Nhat Hanh about Wake Up! Young Buddhist and Non-Buddhists for a Compassionate and Healthy Society, in April 2008

"Recently, I had the idea to build up a youth group, who applies the teachings and practice of the Buddha into their daily lives to cultivate the beauty and virtue within themselves in order to build up a healthy society. Nowadays there are so many youth groups who are active in helping the society, i.e. reducing famine and poverty, fighting for social justice, stopping global warming, but there is not a youth group yet who make life more beautiful through an ethical and spiritual aspiration. Young people need an ideal in life, an ideal of love and compassion. We have to live in such a way to maintain our physical and mental health, to transform our suffering and strong emotions such as violence, anger, despair and desire and cultivate the seeds of understanding, love, joy and happiness. Therefore the foundation of this youth group's practice are the 5 Mindfulness Trainings, a concrete expression and practice of love and compassion. Practicing the 5 MTs, suffering can be relieved and peace and happiness can be possible in this world. If young people practice like that they will be able to bring happiness to themselves and their families, and with this ability they will have the capacity to build up a healthy and compassionate society."

The Wake Up movement has a website, visit it and start contributing, as we build a global community of young awake adults: Wake Up Website!

Read the Five Mindfulness Trainings, HERE!

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