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Sunday Day of Mindfulness

Our regular Sunday Day of Mindfulness is offered most Sundays throughout the year, taking place at the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall above the main parking lot. These days are open for the public to come and practice with the monastic and lay practitioners of Deer Park Monastery. Please check our Day of Mindfulness Schedule on our Events page, or contact our registration office a week ahead to verify dates for this recurring event. The day usually starts at 9:00 am with walking meditation, followed by a live Dharma talk by one of our resident Dharma Teachers. Other activities may include a silent meal, Formal Lunch, and total relaxation. On the First Sunday of the month we recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings which are the foundation of happiness for the family and the individual. We will recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings on the Third Sunday of each month. Specific schedules will be posted below as they are available. Registration is not required, and there is no cost incurred for the day participation, but dana or donation is greatly appreciated.

Children's Program

Starting the month of May (2012), the monastery will be having the children's program on the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of the month. We will try to share a short breathing exercise, stories, and activities. For sure, we will not forget to play joyfully with each other. If you have experiences with children, would like to tell story, to play, to be in nature, and to have some fun, we invite you to come and join us. All helping hands are welcome.

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Sunday Day of Mindfulness (February 1, 2015)

Dwelling in the refuge of Sangha, shining light that supports me, keeping my practice free of obstruction.

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