Program for celebrating Lunar New Year 2017

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Dear friends,

In the spirit of practicing the three-month Winter Retreat 2016 -2017, this year at Deer Park Monastery, the community celebrates the Holiday Season and Lunar New Year very simply so that the monastics can have more time to study and practice during this three-month Winter Retreat. Therefore, you see that the program for celebrating New Year and Lunar New Year are slightly different compared to previous years.

We are so greatful for your support during this Winter Retreat. We wish every happiness and good health this coming year.


Deer Park Monastery


Program for celebrating Lunar New Year at Deer Park


  • Friday, Jan 27 2017

3 PM       : Thay’s Dharma Talk (DVD)

5 PM       : Lunar New Year Ceremony

6 PM       : Dinner

7:30PM  : Tet Performances

  • Saturday, Jan 28 2017

9:30AM  : New Year wishes and paying respect to the Most Venerable, Monastic Prostration

                   Oracle Reading

12:30PM: Lunch

                Program ends.

  • Sunday, Jan 29 2017
    Resting day (no schedule)



One thought on “Program for celebrating Lunar New Year 2017

  1. Richard Trinh says:

    It is unfortunate that the traditional celebration of “Têt” is so short and incomplete. Apart from the festivities of lion dance, the singing performances, the oracle readings, and the eating parties; those days give us a chance to get away from the hectic city life and gather up in Deer Park Monastery to practice mindful speech. The tradition taught us not to be angry and to only wish the best for everyone during the first few days of the New Year. It teaches us to open our hearts and to forgive those who trespass against us during the past year. By doing so, we hope to bring a joyful heart to everyone in the communities for the whole year. On a more profound level, the celebration of Têt reminds us to reflect on our past years to recognize our flaws and shortcomings in order to better ourselves in the New Year. By remembering our ancestors and their wise teachings should help us build a more righteous and compassionate community. By showing respect to the elders should help us to be more grateful of their guidance and should help us build a more humble self. Isn’t that the moto of the “practice”.
    Is it possible that the young monastics at Deer Park have forgotten this beautiful tradition that has been passed on from our ancestors for more than 4000 years, Or simply they did not know.

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