Rideshare to Deer Park

When planning to visit Deer Park, many friends ask about carpool or rideshare options. Our community is very supportive of finding alternative means of transportation and has practiced a “No Car Day” for many years. We can offer the following suggestions for connecting with others traveling to Deer Park for a day visit or for a retreat.

Days of Mindfulness and Seasonal Retreats

Please use the comment system on this page to OFFER or to REQUEST a ride by stating the date, location, and general needs as a comment. As a good practice, don’t include your contact information until you are ready to make an arrangement with someone else. Remember this is a public website and anything you post is visible to anyone. We will administratively delete messages on a regular basis (probably monthly).

Special Retreats

Facebook EventFor retreats, such as the Family Retreat, Teen Camp, Wake Up! Retreat, etc., we suggest using the Facebook Event page for the retreat. Like above, you can post a message to any Deer Park Facebook Event that the monastery may create for a retreat. Typically, this will only be available for our larger retreats and not typically for a Day of Mindfulness or smaller seasonal retreat. As we open registration for retreats, we will typically add an event on Facebook. Viewing the event on Facebook does not require an account, but if you want to post a comment looking for a ride then you’ll need to have a Facebook account. We are not affiliated with Facebook but we do use them to share mindfulness practices and to share our events.

A Third Option – Public Transit

Public transit is also an option and you can arrive in Escondido via light rail or bus. See our Getting Here page for some details. Whatever you decide, we are happy to know that you are trying to connect with others to share transportation options to the monastery and trust this guide has been helpful. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas.


Updated on December 28, 2016


12 thoughts on “Rideshare to Deer Park

  1. Dear Friends,

    Is anyone coming from LA to the Wake Up retreat in April? I am hoping to fly from Philly to LA, and get a ride from someone from LA to Deer Park. Please reply to jenny sandler at gmail dot com if you would like to offer me a ride.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Gabi,

      I’m also looking for ride back from Deer Park on the 1st of May. Did you have any offer yet? If so can I join you? If not maybe we can come back to LA on public transportation? I’m from Sydney Australia so not really sure about local transportation here.

      My email is : thienkhanhdoan@gmail.com

      A lotus of gratitude,

  2. Jared Bendifallah says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m thinking of going to the Wake Up Retreat from April 26th to April 30th. Can anyone give a ride from the Oceanside Amtrak Station to the monastery on the 26th? Possibly two people including myself.

  3. Megan Luecke says:


    Will anyone be driving from the SD airport to the retreat on April 26, or from Deer Park to the SD airport on April 30? And if so, what time? I’d like a ride but haven’t booked flights yet.

    Also, will anyone be leaving the Bay Area (i.e. Berkeley) on or before April 26? I’ll be flying down but it would be cool if you had space for an extra bag or camping gear.


    • Hi Megan,
      I am also looking for a ride. If we don’t get offered one, would you like to travel together on public transit as far as we can or split one of those car services? -Jenny (jenny sandler at gmail dot com).

      • Hi Jenny and Megan –

        I am also looking to share a ride to the monastery. Have you guys figured out how you are getting there yet?

        • Hi Haifa,

          I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m happy to share rides or collaborate. You can contact me at jenny sandler at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.


          • Megan, Jenny and Haifa –

            A friend and I are also joining the retreat from April 26 to April 30. We are looking for rides/carpool or collaborate from SD airport to the retreat and back.

            Have you guys figured out the transportation yet? we’d love to join.

            My email is tran dot d dot huong at gmail. I will also email Jenny to check in.

            Thank you!

          • Megan, Jenny, Haifa, Huong,

            I’m also looking for a ride to the monastery. If all else fails planning on taking an Amtrak down to Oceanside and then getting a cab from there. If anyone is planning on carpooling from LA or Oceanside that would be very helpful. Thanks.


  4. Hi Friends,
    Huong and I are planning to go together from San Diego Airport to the Monastery on April 26th for the Wake Up Retreat. We will arrive in the morning. Is anyone else arriving in the morning on Wed April 26th who wishes to travel with us on a shuttle to the monastery? The more people we have the cheaper it is. Feel free to email me at jenny sandler at gmail dot com. Looking forward to meeting folks!

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Also looking to coordinate rides from SD on the 26th and up to LA on the 30th. Anyone going that way and looking to defray costs, please get in touch 🙂

    Tarany at gmail dot com.

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