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  • North America Vietnamese Wake Up Tour 2015

    Last year, seven Plum Village monastics successfully went on the road to reach Vietnamese youth in North America. They'd like to make this happen again in 2015.
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  • Upgrading the Mindfulness Bell Magazine

    Your support will help us to make sure the Mindfulness Bell is accessible to Sangha members around the world – online and in print – as a medium to sustain our community’s essence of brotherhood and sisterhood, and to nourish each other on the path of practice. Read more >>

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A collection of images from Deer Park
Live Oak Bark
The Ocean of Peace Hall Before Formal Tea
Quan Am in the Garden
Thay Giac Thanh's Stupa in Fog
Sycamore Bark
Welcome to Solidity Hamlet
Granite of the Mountain
Coyote Poop in the Dry Season
Our canine brothers don't forget to add color to the drought at Deer Park.
Rock And Oak Trees
RSS Image
Image to use for RSS feeds.
Community in the Hall
gentle grass
The Temple Bell at Deer Park
Listen, listen. The sound of this bell brings me back to my true home.
Sisters in the Meditation Hall with the Mountain
monk in mountain
Dragon Head
Through the Buddhas eyes
Peach Blossom
US Teaching Tour - CA & CO events
with the support of the Sangha - our practice becomes happier and more peaceful
Fourteen Verses on Meditation - Cover
Walking Meditation at Retreat in Indonesia
Family & Teen Camp 2009 - Poster
Teen Practice
Thank You!
calligraphy in circle
calligraphy in circle
family hike
hike during family retreat 2009
MB covers
Candles & Bell
Nuns w/ Nunnery model
Sketch of Nunnery
2010 US Tour Poster - Cultivating a Culture of Awakening
Teen&Family 2010 Poster
Mindfullness day images
SDPR picture 1
Vietnamese Retreat Poster 2011
wake up retreat 2011
few pics hiking
Anza Borrego Desert State Park visit
an outing to admire desert flowers
Teen & Family Poster 2011
teen camp 2011
I(nner) Touch, Outer Network retreat for teens
family retreat 2011
hike 5
hike 6
arrived on mountain
mountain view
Path leading to OPH

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