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Work on Clarity Hamlet has begun!

Deer Park urgently needs your help to complete the construction project before winter.

Updated April 2014

After years of planning, we have begun work on the Clarity Hamlet Nunnery project. The monastic sisters have left their unhealthy and inadequate living quarters and will be living in temporary quarters until we have enough funds to complete the project.

The new Clarity Hamlet will provide a healthy living and practice environment. Its passive solar design and rice straw bale construction will serve as an earth friendly model for the local community. The planned space will accommodate approximately 40 sisters. The project will also provide living quarters for Thay when he is at Deer Park. More space will be open for guests as we renovate accommodations for lay women, couples, and families.

Since its opening in 2000, Deer Park Monastery has become the spiritual home for thousands of practitioners who participate in free days of mindfulness and affordable overnight retreats. Please help Deer Park to continue this compassionate work by making a donation or organizing a fundraising event in your area.
All contributions are tax-deductible and warmly welcomed.


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