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Clarity Hamlet Phase 2 construction will begin in August

Phase 1 construction was completed on time and prepared the land for building. The building site has been leveled and the following features are in place: mandatory fire road, retaining walls, septic system, utilities access, and rainwater catchment berm. Now the site is ready to support the building of earth-friendly structures that will be role models for the community.

Sustainable Design and Energy Efficient Construction

Phase 2 will complete the building of three dormitories for the sisters and a new hut for Thay when he visits Deer Park. The buildings will sit on the hill where Thay's old hut stood. Here are a few of the sustainable features that Clarity Hamlet will offer.

  • Passive Solar Design reduces needs for mechanical and electrical heating and cooling. The building orientation will let the sun heat the space in winter, while overhangs protect and help keep it cool in summer. The simple, narrow buildings will not have interior hallways or other obstacles that prevent natural cross ventilation and cooling from open windows.
  • Straw Bale Walls will provide 4 to 5 times the insulation of conventional wood stud walls, plus twice the fire resistant qualities. These will be finished with a thick mixture of clay and straw to provide thermal mass, keeping interior temperatures even.
  • Recycled Steel Roofs will reflect the sun, limiting heat gain.
  • Rain Water Catchment and Grey Water Re-Use systems will dramatically limit the amount of well water used for irrigation.

The raising of the new buildings will be community events. Practitioners will be invited to learn how to make and install the straw bales during "barn raising" retreats later this year.

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Your support is needed to compete Phase 2

We have enough funding to start, but not enough to finish the work and open the dormitories for the sisters. With our current funding level the sisters will spend another winter in their damp, un-insulated quarters. Please support the building of Clarity Hamlet by the following:

  1. Organize your sangha to hold a fund raising event
  2. Volunteer a small part of your time and skills
  3. Make a tax-deductible donation, and help Deer Park continue its work of love and compassion

*The Unified Buddhist Church, Inc (“UBC”) is a non-profit organization that is recognized as tax-exempt pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax laws. This donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. In general, only persons with United States source income are eligible to take a tax deduction for this donation.

Volunteer by contacting deerparknunnery (AT)
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