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Mission Statement for Friends of Deer Park

Our Mission

To provide stable support to the four-fold sangha at Deer Park and to mindfully care for and protect Deer Park as a place of practice for current and future generations.


Our Vision


We see that a practice center like Deer Park is a common creation of the ancestral teachers, the founders, and all those who come there, walking as free people with a smile strengthened by kindness, a look of inclusiveness, and words of loving speech. We see that Deer Park is a collective creation needing our collective support to sustain it.

The Friends of Deer Park see that there is no high or low job, no better or worse tasks. Changing a toilet is as important as planting a vegetable is as important as bookkeeping. All are necessary to sustain and support the monastery and keep its light shining bright into the future.


We seek to care for and maintain Deer Park by coordinating and synchronizing with the monastic sangha and the animal, plant, and mineral residents of Deer Park Valley, each playing our role and providing our service.

We seek to protect the sangha from too much busy-ness, hurry, worry, and anxiety. We will do our best to work slowly, mindfully without distraction available to enjoy the wonders of life in every moment.