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The lodging in Deer Park Monastery is simple with only shared rooms (up to six people per room). Rooms have a toilet and shower. In the rooms, you are provided with a mattress on bunk bed frames. All bedrooms are heated in the winter. Men reside in the Solidity Hamlet. Women reside in the Clarity Hamlet. Couples and families reside in Solidity Hamlet.

Tenting is also available with toilets and individual showers in the campground. Men, women, and couples are segregated into different areas of the campground, but specific locations cannot be reserved. You must bring your own tent and sleeping bags.

Food is included with your registration fee. For every full day, there are three vegetarian, and generally vegan, meals per day. Unfortunately, we are limited in our capacity to accommodate people who have special dietary or medical needs. For those staying in Solidity Hamlet, a small community refrigerator is available in Solidity Tea Room.

Because of our communal practice, retreatants may not bring pets to our practice center.