Month: December 2016

Children’s Program at Deer Park Monastery (2017)

Update Dear Friends, We hope that you are well and are enjoying this Holiday Season. We apologize for not updating you sooner but for this Winter Retreat from December to February we will not offer a Children’s Program for our Sunday Day of Mindfulness (DOM). We will resume offering Children’s Program on our 1st Sunday […]

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Sunday Dharma Talks during Winter Retreat

The Monastic Dharma Teachers of Deer Park are offering talks each Sunday under the theme: Nurturing our Roots, Strengthening our Branches – essentials of Plum Village Practice. The three characteristics of Plum Village Practice: continuous practice, present moment and dwelling happily, will also guide the teaching. This list of Dharma Talks is subject to change, […]

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Young Brother – Brother Chân Pháp Đệ

Adrian Aloysius Stier, born May 8, 1935, in Grand Meadow, to Alvin and Marcella Stier, died Aug. 4, 2016, in Escondido, California where he was a resident at Deer Park Monastery. As a monastic, he was known as Brother Chân Pháp Đệ or “Young Brother.” During his lifetime, Br. Pháp Đệ was a Catholic priest, a stock […]

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