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At Deer Park Monastery, we offer seasonal retreats and special retreats. Seasonal retreats offer participants the opportunity to enjoy the daily schedule of the monastery and the basic practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating. Special retreats include basic practices as well as Dharma talks based on the theme of the retreat, Dharma family groups for working and sharing, and a schedule that incorporates special activities.

Deer Park retreats will be posted on this webpage as event details become available.

Seasonal Retreat Schedule

Arrival dates for 2021: July 9 (weekend only) and more dates to come

Special Retreat Schedule

Summer Retreat: July 18-24, 2021

Retreat Staff Opportunities

Retreat Staff Application: We are happy to announce that we need staff for the new Summer Retreat!

Seasonal Retreat

Seasonal retreats at Deer Park Monastery are available during many months of the year. Guests register to practice mindfulness with the community while following the daily schedule of the monastery. Accommodation options include a space in a dorm room or bringing your own tent to camp in our campgrounds. Depending on the availability of the specific arrival day, guests may register for a weekend, one week, or two weeks. Seasonal retreats are residential retreats; therefore, commuting is not an option.
To support stability in our practice, we observe designated arrival and departure days. All seasonal retreats start on Friday afternoon with a check-in time between 2 and 4 PM. Please arrange to arrive during check-in time. Weekend retreats end on Sunday around 3 PM. One and two week-long retreats end on Friday at 9 AM.
Please note that not all Fridays are arrival days. For availability, please see the list of currently available arrival dates below.
Seasonal Retreat dates for 2021: July 9 (weekend only) and more dates to come


  • Tent– Adult $50/night | Teen $40/night | Child $25/night
  • 6 Bed Dorm – Adult $65/night | Teen $50/night | Child $35/ night
  • 3 Bed Dorm – Adult $90/night | Teen $60/night | Child $45/ night

Please register at least one week in advance of the arrival day. To register for the seasonal retreat, please reserve one campground or dorm room space per person. Guests must provide their own tent for camping.


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Retreat Staff Opportunities

Serving on the staff team at the monastery is often a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, working together in joy and harmony. If you have attended a retreat of 5 days or more at one of the Plum Village monasteries or served as a staff member at one of our retreats, we hope that you will consider applying to staff. We kindly ask all staff members to bring their own tent to camp.
We are happy to announce that we will need staff for our new Summer Retreat! See our staff application page for more details.

Retreat Staff Application