Come for the Day

Come for the Day

Enjoy a day of mindfulness and peace.

We are open for in-person Days of Mindfulness with advance registration. For more information about when and how to join us, please see our events calendar.


Typical In-person Day of Mindfulness Schedule

Please bring your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, as proof of vaccination is required for entry. In addition, please bring a face mask to wear at all indoor activities. When you arrive, you may park in the main parking lot and make your way up to the Solidity Hamlet campground.

9:00 AM – Outdoor Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a practice of walking together and being present with each step. We walk with freedom and solidity, no longer in a hurry, allowing our body and mind to be calm.

10:15 AM – Dharma talk in Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall

A dharma talk is a teaching about meditation and well-being.

11:30 AM – Dharma Sharing or Ceremony

On the first Sunday of each month, we regularly have a ceremony to recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings and on the third Sunday, we usually recite the Five Mindfulness Trainings. On other Sundays, we generally break up into smaller groups for sharing.

12:30 PM – Mindful Lunch

We kindly ask you to bring your own vegetarian lunch. Eating a silent meal together can be a meditative practice. We establish ourselves in the present moment and practice eating with a sense of peace, ease, and gratitude.

1:30 PM – Bookshop Opens

The bookshop carries a variety of books by our Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh in English and Vietnamese, as well as other items that support mindfulness practice.

2:00 PM – Day of Mindfulness Concludes

Please check our calendar to confirm that the monastery will host a Day of Mindfulness on the date you wish to visit. Next, click on your preferred visitation date to register.

There is no fee for taking part in a Day of Mindfulness, but you are welcome to make a donation. Donations are our main source of support, so every offering is greatly appreciated. Your contribution helps us to keep the monastery open throughout the year. You can make your offering in the donation box in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall, any meditation hall, or either dining hall.

Children’s Program
We are not scheduling children’s programs for Days of Mindfulness, at this time.

Individual Needs
Deer Park is deeply committed to inclusiveness. If you have a particular need for assistance, please contact us so we can offer you as much support as possible. Our meditation hall and dining halls are wheelchair accessible.

What to Wear
Please wear casual and modest clothing that is comfortable for sitting. We ask that all clothing cover the shoulders, midsection, and knees even when sitting in a meditative posture. No shorts or tank tops. Please wear or bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes suitable for walking on nature trails so you can fully enjoy the outdoor walking meditation with the community. Also, avoid wearing perfumes or other products that may affect those who are sensitive or allergic to fragrances.

43 responses to “Come for the Day”

  1. Hello, I would like to visit the center by self-guide tomorrow Sunday 2/27/2022. Please advise if this is permitted.

  2. When in advance do you typically post tickets for day of mindfulness? I would like to attend next Sunday, 3/20. Thanks!

    • Usually try to post a couple weeks in advance but due to the special ceremonies we have not been on top of it as much. You should see something posted tomorrow.

  3. Hi! I’m interested in a Day of Mindfulness visit. Will be attentive to coming news and events. Thanks!

  4. We plan on coming down 3/27 to San Diego from OC. Are we allowed to walk around the monastery to observe and for our kids (13, 12, 10) to learn about meditation and peace of mind. Is vaccination mandatory if we intend to wear mask at all time?

  5. Hello friends – I may be traveling to come for your day of mindfulness in May. Do you have any recommendations of places to stay nearby? Thank you kindly.

  6. Hello Brother Joy!
    We are looking forward to our first visit to Deerpark for the Day of Mindfulness on 4/24. We wanted to clarify that we should bring our own lunches? Thank you much.

  7. Hi,

    Will there be a day of mindfulness on Sunday 4/24? I was hoping we could come and visit for my daughter’s death anniversary. Deer park is very close to our hearts. Thank you.

    • We don’t have anything scheduled past May 8 just yet and will try to get that updated soon. The first two Sundays in May or four already but you can check the website, on the homepage, to see if any spots open up.

    • We have folks from the neighborhood walk on our main road and the trails, but to come into the monastery we ask that you please register.

    • No waiting list, but we will likely release more spots next week. And the Friday/Saturday before we’ll have cancellations.

    • The best way to reach us outside the comment form, is to use the Contact Us page to identify what your question is and then it will be sent to the correct person.

    • Not really. To request a retreat, choose “Formal Request to Dharma Teachers” from the drop down on the contact form. That’s the best method.

  8. Greetings, May this find you well. Is there a spot for this Sunday July 2nd Day of Mindfulness or may I be on a wait list if someone doesn’t attend? I just happen to be coming into town and love the opportunity to join in practice.
    With gratitude and kindness,
    Joanne Ludwig

    • Hello Joanne. We did not maintain a waitlist for the day of mindfulness but you can check the website on Friday and Saturday as there will be cancellations and more spots made available if you see this post soon, I just opened up one more spot.

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